Organisation chart


Management of the LJK is organized by a team of eight people.

Management team

  • Director - Jean-Guillaume Dumas
  • Deputy director - Adeline Leclercq Samson
  • Deputy director - Eric Blayo Nogret
  • Montbonnot project manager - Peter Sturm
  • Administrative and financial manager - Delphine Favre-Giraud
  • Human resources manager - Laurence Wazné
  • IT resources manager - Emmanuel Le Normand
  • Scientific computing and development manager - Franck Pérignon

The Laboratory Council

The Laboratory Council is the laboratory’s advisory body in which all staff are represented. It meets once a quarter. The CoLab is intended to issue opinions and advise the director on all questions concerning the UMR:

  • scientific policy,
  • laboratory organization, budget,
  • recruitment of staff,
  • training, internal regulations,
  • working conditions, consultation of staff, ...

It gathers 20 members:

  • 4 ex officio members: the chair and the deputy directors
  • 12 elected members:
  • 4 appointed members.

The council has set up several committees:

LJK Organisation chart