The Geometry-Image department develops research in Geometric Modeling, Image Analysis, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. The research pursued has as a common framework the computer processing of geometry and images. Applications include geometric design systems for the manufacturing industry, the creation of animated films for the entertainment industry, and the indexing and mining of large image banks for information and communication technologies. Gathering computer science expertise in image synthesis and analysis, vision and geometry is rare and constitutes an ideal melting pot for the development of innovative research towards a total integration of 3D geometry and images in the Information Society.

 Director: Georges-Pierre Bonneau

This department is composed of the following teams:

ANIMA Authoring and Directing Story Worlds (projet INRIA)
CVGI Calculus of Variations, Geometry, Image
MAVERICK Models and Algorithms for Visualization and Rendering (INRIA project)
MORPHEO Capture and Analysis of Forms in Motion (INRIA project)
RobotLearn Learning, perception and control for social robots(INRIA project)
THOT Learning Visual Models from Massive Data (INRIA project)