A word from the Director

The synergy between computer science and applied mathematics is the essence of the Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory, a joint research unit of Grenoble Alpes University, CNRS, Grenoble INP (Institute of Engineering) and Inria. This multidisciplinarity makes it a rich structure both humanly and scientifically. In a spirit of conviviality and creative enthusiasm, the success of our teams is the result of a joint investment, favoring exchanges, ethics and scientific rigor.

The unit thus brings together more than 250 people and is composed of three services and three scientific departments, the latter comprising seventeen research teams. Our research focuses on analysis, on scientific and high-performance computing, on modeling, on exact and symbolic computation, on cybersecurity, on inverse problems, statistics and probability, on machine learning, signal and image processing, on data mining, optimization, applied geometry, graphic computing or computer vision. The versatility of the fields of application of the projects is large, ranging from mechanics to biology, or from image and cryptology to economics and finance.

We also are particularly mindful to gender equality, sustainable development and quality of business life and we work together for technological innovation and the exploration of the limits of knowledge.

Jean-Guillaume Dumas, LJK chair