Publication of the book “World3 et le rapport Meadows, les limites à la croissance – Questions raisonnées pour aujourd’hui”

The year 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of the report “The Limits to Growth” to the Club of Rome. This report on the limits to physical growth in a finite world is an iconic work in sustainability science. In order to celebrate and popularize it, the STEEP team coordinated the edition of a FAQ on this report, the underlying World3 model, and limits to growth in a broad sense. Scientists and members of civil society were interviewed to collect a wide range of questions: on the model as such, underlying assumptions, the public and scientific reception of the report, its destiny after the initial publication, its impacts, and so forth. The finally produced book aims at popularizing the issues raised by one of the first acts of global systemic modeling, widely known in the 1970s but mostly forgotten since. 
Published on : 12/02/2024