Jérôme Malick was awarded the Jean-Jacques Moreau prize by the SMF in partnership with the SMAI and the Académie des Sciences.

The Jean-Jacques Moreau Prize is awarded to researchers in decision mathematics and optimisation. It is awarded by the Académie des Sciences and the French mathematical societies SMF and SMAI.

The 2023 Jean-Jacques Moreau Prize is awarded to Jérôme Malick for his remarkable results in non-smooth optimisation. His work lies at the crossroads between practical problems and modern extensions of convex analysis. His most significant contributions include pioneering work in variational analysis and, more recently, in machine learning (distributed, federated and robust learning).
Jérôme Malick heads the DAO team at the LJK, and some of the work rewarded by this prize is the result of collective work within the team.

Published on : 23/06/2023