Sophie Achard was awarded the 2023 CNRS silver medal for her work in statistics applied to neuroscience.

Sophie Achard's research makes it possible to analyse networks on which signals are propagated. By using graph theory in neuroscience for the first time, she has made a remarkable contribution to our understanding of how the human brain works. Her collaborative research has also advanced our understanding of neurological dysfunction and the mechanisms that are put in place to compensate for it. For example, the data she collected showed that hyper-connected hubs of neurons can recover, even when there is persistent damage after a coma. The statistical methods she has developed help to identify individual-specific neurological markers with greater precision, paving the way for personalised medicine. The adoption of these techniques by clinicians illustrates the practical value of mathematics to society.
[source: Talents CNRS]
Published on : 2/03/2023