(SEMINAIRE COMMUN LJK/IF:) Stochastic models in adaptive dynamics and applications to cancer modelling


Séminaire Probabilités & Statistique

15/06/2017 - 14:00 Anton BOVIER (Université de Bonn) Auditorium - RDC - Batiment IMAG

I review some basic aspects of so-called stochastic individual based models of adaptive dynamics.
These models seem nicely suitable to model the evolution of malignant tumors and their interplay with therapies. 
I present some results in this direction that were obtained with collaboration with experimentalist at Bonn University Hospital to model immunotherapy of melanoma. Apart from being able to reproduce experimental result and to predict possible new phenomena, this also led interesting new model classes where mathematical results can be obtained. 

This talk is based on  work with Martina Baar, Loren Coquille, Anna Kraut, Florian Kreten, 
Hannah Mayer, and collaborations with Nicole Glodde,  Michael Hölzel, Meri Rogova, and Thomas Tüting.