Gamma convergence as a modeling tool, and application to ice floe fracturation in marginal ice zone


Séminaire Doctorants

1/03/2018 - 16:00 Mr Dimitri Balasoiu (Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann) Salle 106 - Batiment IMAG

In 2012, a collaboration between TOTAL E&P, ISTerre and the LJK has 
been launched on the study of sea ice mechanics. They developed a 
granular model for sea ice modeling. 
We want to improve this model by taking into account percussion and 
fracturation of ice floes. 
We will start by sketching our model for the fracturation of a single 
ice floe submitted to a displacement of it's boundary. We consider our 
ice floe as an elastic material. According to Griffith's criterion, 
finding the fracture's location amounts to minimizing an energy 
functional on the right functional space. We justify our modeling 
method with a Gamma-convergence result. 
Then, we will describe our strategy to understand the percussion 
mechanism. Oddly enough, there is no theory for the percussion of two 
elastic materials. We will present a gamma-convergence result that 
allows us to go from the microscopic scale to the macroscopic scale. 
That result is the fist step to retrieve macroscopic effects from a 
microscopic scale description of percussion.