Numerical modelling and High Performance Computing for sediment flows


Séminaire Doctorants

7/02/2019 - 15:30 Mr Jean-Baptiste Keck (Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann) Salle 106 - Batiment IMAG

The dynamic of sediments flow is a subject that covers many applications in geophysics, ranging from estuary silting to the comprehension of sedimentary basins. In this seminar we will see how to implement a high performance direct numerical solver for the resolution of fluid dynamics applied to sedimentation problems where the sediment flow contain multiple interacting fluid phases.
In this second part we will introduce the sedimentation problem and its discretization. The Navier-Stokes equations will be coupled with two additional advection-diffusion equations modelling the transport of two scalars representing the sediment phases. We will then take a close look to the interactions which lead to several instabilities (Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities and double-diffusivity). We finish by comparing the results to the state of the art.