Gröbner bases in Tate algebras


Séminaire AMAC: CASC

25/02/2021 - 09:30 Thibaut Verron (Johannes Kelper Universität Linz)

Tate series are a generalization of polynomials introduced by John
Tate in 1962, when defining a p-adic analogue of the correspondence
between algebraic geometry and analytic geometry. This p-adic analogue
is called rigid geometry, and Tate series, similar to analytic
functions in the complex case, are its fundamental objects. Tate
series are defined as multivariate formal power series over a p-adic
ring or field, with a convergence condition on a closed ball.

Tate series are naturally approximated by multivariate polynomials
over F_p or Z/p^n Z, and it is possible to define a theory of Gröbner
bases for ideals of Tate series, which follows very closely that
approximation. The implementation of such a theory then opens the way
towards effective rigid geometry.

In this talk, I will explain how to define and compute Gröbner bases
for ideals of Tate series, with adapted versions of algorithms such as
Buchberger's algorithm and the FGLM algorithm.

(Joint work with Xavier Caruso and Tristan Vaccon)


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