MARS is a freeware tool for Maintenance Assessment of Repairable Systems. MARS implements imperfect maintenance models and estimates jointly the effects of ageing and maintenance (preventive and/or corrective) efficiency on real data sets from field feedback. MARS has been developed in cooperation with EDF R&D.

MARS page on platform PLUME

R packages

  • - asympTest: Basic parametric Hypothesis Testing (proportion, mean and variance) in the asymptotic framework (CRAN).
  • - EBSpatCGAL: Simulation and estimation of nearest-neighbour Gibbs point process (Project page) (github) (Old project EBSpat github).
  • - EWGoF: Goodness-of-fit tests for the Exponential and two-parameter Weibull distributions (CRAN).
  • - spatstat : Participation to the development of the package (CRAN).
  • - VAM : Inference, simulation and reliability indicators computation for Virtual Age Models (Project page) (github).