Lionel Reveret
Research scientist (INRIA)
LJK laboratory
INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes

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Lionel Reveret

Research and Expertise

The main goal of my research is to contribute to a better understanding of the anatomical functioning of musculo-skeletal structures and to help improving motion analysis techniques for this goal. My research activities began with the study of facial movement in speech production during my PhD at INPG. At INRIA, I started to work on other topics such as animal motion and tree motion under wind. Currently, I work mainly on human motion, with a strong focus on sport activities. My background is in 3D Animation, but I share my expertise in motion analysis with colleagues in Biomechanics, Biology and Sports coaching. I am particularly interested in measurement of motion from video, namely markerless motion capture, for situation where traditional markers-based techniques are difficult to deploy. I am also teaching Computer Animation courses, and
Autodesk Maya Script and C++ Programming, currently at ENSIMAG in Grenoble, France.

Current projects

3D motion analysis of rock climbing


Reveret, L., Chapelle, S., Quaine F., Legreneur, P., "3D visualization of body motion in speed climbing", Movement Science and Sport Psychology, Frontiers in Psychology, August 2020.
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Reveret, L., Demo at Sport Unlimitech, Lyon, France, 2019.
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Reveret, L., Chapelle, S., Quaine F., Legreneur, P., "3D motion analysis of speed climbing performance",
IRCRA 2018 congress, Chamonix, France, 2018.
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Prediction of contact and muscle forces

with GIPSA Lab, McGill U.
Reveret, L., Quaine, F., Courtemanche, S., Kry, P. "Prediction of contact and muscle forces from kinematics data only - application to 3D simulation of climbing motion", IRCRA 2018 congress, Chamonix, France, 2018.
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Quaine, F., L. Reveret, L., Courtemanche, S., Kry, P., "Postural regulation and motion simulation in rock climbing". The science of climbing and mountaineering, Routledge, pp.111-128, 2017, Routledge Research in Sport and exercise Science, 2017.
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Analysis of body posture in BMX
with FFC, TSF
Biomechanical modeling of the human hand
with GIPSA Lab
Anatomical modeling of mounted skeleton from laser scans
P.-Y. Gagnier, H. Maschner, A. Gailliègue, L. Norgeot, C. Dapogny, L. Revéret, A. Abourachid, Automatic reconstruction of polygon triangulation for mounted skeleton point cloud, IEEE BigDig 2017 High Throughput Digitization for Natural History Collections, Auckland, New Zealand, oct. 24-27, 2017.

Past projects, while at MORPHEO and EVASION teams


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Lionel Reveret
LJK laboratory, Batiment IMAG, 700 avenue Centrale, 38040, Campus de Saint Martin d'Hères, France
Email: lionel.reveret(a)
Tel: +33 4 57 42 17 95