Gang Zheng

Postdoc at Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann
Université Joseph Fourier


Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann,
51 rue des Mathématiques,
B.P. 53, 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9,
Phone: (33) 4 76 63 45 61
Fax: (33) 4 76 63 12 63

Research interests:

  • Analysis and numerical simulation of impulsive system

  • Numerical verification of nonlinear system

  • Observability normal form of nonlinear system

  • Control of nonlinear system

  • Bifurcation and synchronization of chaotic system and its application





  • VSSNN: Voltage-Stepping Simulator of Irregular Network, Matlab version download here

  • NetSim: Irregular Network Simulator ( Time-Stepping scheme ), Matlab version download here

  • SoCAutoPart: SoC software/hardware Automatic Partition environment, Visual C++ version download here



  • Seminar BiPop-CASYS, Jan, 2008, LJK, Grenoble, France. Analysis and simulation of complex system

  • Seminar NeCS, Jan, 2008, ENSIEG, Grenoble, France. Remote control of dynamical system

  • Seminar BiPop, Jun, 2007, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Grenoble, France. Simulation of spiking neural network

  • Seminar BiPop, Feb, 2007, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Grenoble, France. Normal form and chaotic system

  • Seminar ECS, Jun, 2006, ENSEA, Cergy, France. Observability normal form dependant of its output

  • International conference, IFAC CHAOS06, 2006, Reims, France

  • International conference, CIFA06, 2006, Bordeaux, France

  • International conference, JDMACS, 2005, Lyon, France

  • International conference, SIAM conference, 2005, new Orleans, USA

  • International workshop, May, 2005, NanChang, China

  • Seminar ECS, Mar, 2005, ENSEA, Cergy, France. Bifurcation of nonlinear system

  • Seminar ECS, Nov, 2004, ENSEA, Cergy, France. Normal form


  • Reviewer of international journals

               Automatica, 2006, 2007

               IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, 2006, 2007

  • Reviewer of international conference

               IEEE Conférence Internationale Francophone d'Automatique, 2005

               IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2005, 2006

  • Reviewer of national conference

               Journées Doctorales Modélisation, Analyse et Conduite des Systèmes dynamiques, 2005  

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