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Optimal transport and image multiphysics

The ANR project TOMMI (Optimal Transportation and Image Multiphysics) started in November 1, 2011 for four years. It is focussed on new models and numerical methods for optimal transportation. Visit the project homepage. Teaching ressources also available here.
The two animations below show two version of optimal transportation. The classical one find and interpolation path between two images constituted of two gaussian densities by splitting both into pieces. Our generalized optimal transportation algorithm makes possible to preserve integrity of each gaussian along the optimal path. Application are for instance to interpolation of images of (bio)physical objects which should not be splited.

Bouharguane A., Maitre E., Oudet E. et Papadakis N. Multiphysics optimal transportation and image analysis. Rapport de recherche, HAL, numéro hal-00740671. octobre 2012.

Classical Optimal transportation of two gaussian densities
Rigid optimal transportation of two gaussian densities
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