Softwares for Blind Source Separation (Instantaneous Mixtures)

This page contains some softwares for blind separation of instantaneous mixture of sources. They are presented in the form a demonstration which is avalable in two versions: a matlab and a java version.

The matlab code can be downloaded (in the form tar gziped) here . Launch the demonstration by typing bliss. The java source and classes can be found in this subdirectory

No Java demonstration since your brower doesn't support java

WARNING The java demo. have been developed in the Linux environement (java version 1.4.2). It may not work correctly under Windows

The demonstration covers only the case of two mixtures of two sources for simplicity, but the subroutines which drive the calculation accept any number of sources and the same number of mixtures. There are subroutines for 3 separation methods and another one for separating post nonlinear mixtures: