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mug shot I'm an ex mathematical physicist turned computer vision and pattern recognition researcher employed by France's main national research organisation, the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). I work in the LEAR (Learning for Vision) team of the Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (LJK) in Grenoble in the heart of the French Alps. I'm also the deputy director of LJK, which is an applied mathematics and computer science research laboratory associated with the CNRS, three Grenoble universities (UJF, INPG, UPMF) and INRIA's Rhône-Alpes research unit.

Nowadays I work mainly on applying statistical pattern recognition and machine learning to visual object recognition and scene understanding, but I'm also known for my work on vision geometry (matching constraints, scene reconstruction, autocalibration, etc) and on human body tracking, which was done in the MOVI (now PERCEPTION) team between 1995 and 2003, before we created LEAR. Before that I worked on robotic planning and mobile robotics in Oxford University's Robotics Research Group and in INRIA's SHARP (now e-Motion) team in Grenoble.

Originally, I'm from New Zealand (which, like Grenoble, is a great place to visit), and I studied physics and maths at Auckland, Australian National, and Oxford Universities.