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Contrôle et Analyse de Réseaux de Systèmes Dynamiques Évolutifs

Control and Analysis of Evolutive Networked Dynamical Systems

        CARESSE deals with the modeling, simulation, analysis and control of evolutive networked dynamical systems. It brings together researchers in hybrid systems, optimization and symbolic computations.

        In recent years, a lot of research has focused on networked dynamical systems. A particular attention has been brought to systems where the topology of the underlying network can change dynamically. These are natural models for studying biological phenomena such as flocking or for controlling several robots in a collaborative manner. In these works, the number of agents composing the network remains constant which can be a limitation in a number of applications (e.g. models of cell populations including division and death). The first contribution of the CARESSE project is the development of a modeling paradigm and simulation toolbox for systems where the number of agents can change. We call these systems evolutive networked dynamical systems. The second contribution deals with analysis and control of these systems. We particularly focus on the problem of detecting communities in evolutive networks.

        The project CARESSE is supported by the Pôle MSTIC of Université Joseph Fourier.