Université Grenoble Alpes
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to Human and Social Sciences (MIASHS)

Associate professor
Université du Québec à Montréal
Département de mathématiques


Ph. D. in Computer Science: 1986

Master in Sciences, mathematics: 1978

Research theme:

Analysis of integer valued time series

Objective: development of modeling tools for epidemiologists.

Example: the number of new cases of a reportable disease (e.g. e.-coli infection).

Development of integer-valued models similar to some conventional models: bilinear type as well as GARCH model. The integer-value Ginar process model with thresholds was introduced and made it possible to model the number of new cases of hepatitis. The auto-excited threshold model was defined to explain the development of other reportable diseases.

All of these models are of great interest in the prevention of epidemics; they aim to detect possible outbreaks of disease and epidemics as rapidly as possible.

They can and can also be applied in other fields, in finance for example, to the daily number of significant changes in the value of an action.

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