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Since I was appointed as an associate professor at the Ensimag in 2002, I have mainly taught courses related to
applied maths and signal and image processing.

Present courses:       

Functional analysis: from continuous to discrete setting (second year Ensimag) :
In this course we first make a introduction to the distribution theory, and then of the Fourier transform of distributions. The connection with sampling is carried out by introducing Poisson formula and then Shannon Theorem. The next chapter is  devoted to the practical study of filters (Z transforms, etc...). Hilbert spaces and their application to the definition of Fourier series conclude the course.

Advanced image processing (third year Ensimag) : The goal is here to deal with modern image processing techniques among which edge and ridge detection, scale-space theory, active contour technique, level sets, and anisotropic diffusion. The course is taught in English as part of the international MSIAM master.   

Internship for first year students (first year Ensimag) : To compensate for the different maths levels of the student entering the Ensimag an internship is proposed at the beginning of the academic
year. The goal is here to make the students more familiar with some basic notions that are used further in the first year mathematical analysis course.

Teaching maths to apprentices (first year Ensimag) : At Ensimag, some students are doing an apprenticeship while studying. They are working part time in a firm and are  at the university the rest of the time. I am now in charge of teaching them basic maths. 

Past courses:
Mathematical analysis for engineers (first year Ensimag)The aim of this course was to provide the students with some basic elements in measure theory, integration, Fourier transform and the theory of distributions. Theoretical aspects are illustrated through  lab sessions and  sets of exercises.

 Applied mathematical analysis (first year Ensimag) :  The aim of this course is to introduce normed vector space in infinite dimension (Banach and Hilbert spaces), we then tackle the notions of differentiability and of projection on subsets in such spaces.

Specialization year in computer science : This course was dedicated to students who were already engineers but wanted to specialize in computer science. My contribution was to give them bases in numerical analysis. 

Other courses : I was also in charge of numerical analysis courses for students of the "cours préparatoires polytechniques" and I also taught this topic to the students of PAGORA, an engineering school of the Grenoble-INP group) .  I also have had the opportunity to teach the following topics:

  PhD Course Pisa: course_Pisa