Denoising procedure in medical imaging based on hyperbolic wavelets

One day workshop of the StatMath group of SFdS (French Statistical Society), IHP, Paris (January 2017).

Talk at Rice University, Houston, USA (September 2016).

Topic modeling and text mining

Talk at Probability and Statistic seminar of IMAG, Montpellier (March 2017).

Talk at LIRIS, Lyon. One day workshop organiszed by the ANR Paps (June 2016).

Talk at ERIC, Lyon (February 2016) pdf.

Talk at the Hubert Curien Laboratory, St Etienne (January 2016) pdf.

Estimation of the intensity of a Poisson point process via the Stein method

Talk at the Probability and Statistics seminar of ENS Lyon-ICJ, Lyon (January 2016) pdf.

Talk at the Statistic seminar of Cambridge University, UK (April 2015).

Talk at the Berlin-Padova workshop, Postdam, Germany (October 2014).

Modeling of anisotropy : scale invariance versus locally parallel textures?

Talk at the Statistics seminar of IMT, Toulouse (March 2017).

Talk at the Image Optimisation and Probability seminar of IMB, Bordeaux (January 2017).

Talk at Laboratory CREATIS "AM-FM methods for image analysis. An approach based on bidimensional synchrosqueezing" Lyon, France (November 2014).

Talk at the one -day workshop "Complex-valued signal analysis" of Gdr Isis, Marseille, France (June 2013).

Talk at the Second SIERRA Day, ENS Lyon, France (March 2013).

Estimation and test on the memory parameter for non linear time series

Talk at Probability and Statistic seminar of Paris Sud University, Orsay (December 2016).

Talk at "Rencontres Statistiques Lyonnaises" (with I. Gannaz), Lyon (April 2016).

Talk at CIRM, Marseille (February 2016).

Talk at AMS Sectional Meeting at Michigan State University, East Lansing USA (March 2015) pdf.

Talk at the final workshop of the thematic cycle "Non stationarity and risk management" of the Institut des études avancées de l'Université de Cergy Pontoise, Marseille, France (January 2013).

Talk at the XI th Franco-Romanian conference of applied mathematics, Bucharest, Romania (August 2012).

Poster at "8th world congress on probability and statistics", Istanbul, Turkey (July 2012).

Poster at the conference "Quantitative methods in statistics, biostatistics and actuarial sciences", Louvain la Neuve, Belgium (May 2012).

Poster at the "Conference on Long-Range Dependence, Self-Similarity, and Heavy Tails", North Carolina, USA (April 2012).

Meeting day of the LJK, Grenoble (September 2011).

Poster at the conference "Self-similarity and stochastic analysis", Le Touquet, France (June 2011).

Rencontres Statistiques Lyonnaises, Lyon, France (March 2011).pdf

Statistic seminar of the Mathematics Institute of Luminy, Marseille (February 2011).

Statistic seminar of Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann, Grenoble (January 2011).

Probability and Statistics seminar of the LATP, Marseille, France (November 2010).

Boston University Statistics seminar, USA (October 2010).

Conference SAAP 2010 Yasmine-Hammamet, Tunisia (October 2010).

Talk at "42ièmes Journées de Statistique" Marseille, France (May 2010).

SAMM seminar at Paris 1 University, Paris, France (April 2010).

Talk at the SCAM seminar, Créteil, France (March 2010).

Seminar of phD students of Paris Descartes University, Paris, France (January 2010).

Characterisation of anisotropic textures

Talk at the Probability and Statistics seminar of IECL, Nancy (January 2017).

Talk at Signal and Image Processing of XLIM, Poitiers (June 2016).

Talk at MIP:Lab, University of Geneva and EPFL, Switzerland (June 2016).

Talk at the scientific day SMAI-SIGMA 2015 IHP, Paris (November 2015).

Talk at Statistics seminar of Bruxels University, Belgium (February 2013).

Talk at Statistics seminar of Leuven University, Belgium (February 2013).

Poster at workshop Sigma'2012, Marseille,France (November 2012).pdf.

Workshop "Statistique et image", Strasbourg, France (November 2012).pdf.

Seminar of the INRIA team LEAR, Montbonnot, France (October 2012).

Workshop "Champs aléatoires : des modèles aux applications" Berder, France (September 2012).

FNRS Contact group "Wavelets and applications", Bruxels, Belgium (September 2012).

Seminar of the team EDP-Moise, Grenoble (December 2011).

Seminar at INSA de Lyon, Lyon (March 2011).

Signal and image Seminar of LATP, Marseille, France (March 2011).pdf

Poster at the conference Autosim '09 at Angers, France (July 2009).

Workshop on porous media, Université Paris Descartes, France (January 2009).

Pointwise irregularity

Analyse seminar of the Fourier Institute, Grenoble (October 2011).pdf

Prevalence results on monoHolderian functions

Functional analysis seminar of Lille University, Lille, France (June 2011).

Groupe de travail d'analyse de l'Institut Camille Jordan, Lyon (March 2011).pdf

Applied mathematics seminar Blaise Pascal University, Clermont Ferrand, France (January 2011).

Workshop "Analysis and probability on fractals", Fourier Institute, Grenoble, France (June 2010).

FNRS Contact group "Functional analysis" at Esneux, Belgium (May 2010).

Conference "Wavelets and Fractals" at Esneux, Belgium (April 2010).

Non localisable Gaussian fields

Talk at "Journées jeunes statisticiens" at Aussois, France (September 2009).pdf

Probability seminar at Bretagne Sud University, Vannes, France (April 2009).

Probability seminar at LJK, Grenoble, France (March 2009).

Ergodic theory and probability seminar at Picardie Jules Verne University, Amiens, France (March 2009).

Probability seminar at Paris Descartes University, Paris, France (December 2008).

Talk at "Journées de Probabilités" Lille, France (September 2008).

Workshop "Fractals Technics" at Orléans, France (May 2008).

Group self similar Gaussian fields

Talk at "Journées MAS" at Rennes (August 2008).

Probability seminar at Evry University, France (March 2008).pdf

Talk at the conference "Fractals and Related Fields" Monastir, Tunisia (September 2007).

Probability seminar at Nancy University, Nancy, France (April 2007).

Meeting of the GDSA project, Toulouse, France (December 2006).