Marianne Clausel

Associate professor ("Maître de Conférences HDR") at Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble.
Member of the DAO Team (Optimization and Learning for Data Science) of Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory (LJK).

Co-head of the "Hôtel à projets" of MaiMoSiNE with B. Bidegaray (LJK). MaiMoSiNE is an university structure which aims at transferring up-to-date methods from academic research to the local industry.

Main interests

Data mining and tweet analysis. Collaboration with S. Amer-Yahia (LIG) and M.R. Amini (LIG).

Long-range dependence properties of time series. Collaboration with F. Roueff (Telecom Paris-Tech), M.S. Taqqu (Boston University), I. Gannaz (ICJ Lyon) and S. Achard (Gipsa-Lab-Grenoble).

Inference of spatial point processes. Collaboration with J.F. Coeurjolly (LJK) and J. Lelong (LJK).

Analysis of anisotropic textures.


Five years grant from CNRS (chaire CNRS-UJF). 2011-2016.

Project OCULO-NIMBUS. P.I. J.F. Coeurjolly (LJK) and A. Guérin (Gipsa-lab). 2015-2018.

ANR ASTRES. P.I. P. Flandrin (ENS-Lyon). 2013-2016.

UPMF Project : "Stein method for spatial point processes". P.I. J.F. Coeurjolly (LJK). 2013-2014.

Member of GdR Isis, MIA, GeoSto, Madics.

Next events

28-30 June 2017 : CAp 2017 (Conference of the French Machine learning community), Grenoble

Past events

13 December 2016 : One day workshop "Recent advances in Machine Learning and Optimisation", Lyon

24-28 October 2016 : Second Modelling Week between Mathematicians and Computer Scientists, Grenoble

17-19 October 2016 : Special session "Statistical and mathematical tools for data mining". International IEEE Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Montréal (Canada).

23-24 May 2016 : The ATLAS workshop, Grenoble

23 October 2015 : Rendez vous méthodes et logiciels de la SFdS : Traitement d'images, Paris.

19-21 October 2015 : International IEEE Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA 2015), Paris.

8-12 June 2015 : Mini-Symposium "CreeMatIndus (Contacts REcherche-Entreprises entre MATHématiciens et INDUstrie)". SMAI Meeting Les Karellis.

2-3 April 2015 : Statlearn'15, Grenoble.

30 March-1 April 2015 : Khronos-Persyvact Spring School., Grenoble.

30 October-2 November 2014 : Special session "Statistical and mathematical tools for data mining". International IEEE Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Shanghai (China).

25-30 August 2014 : 12ème Colloque Franco-Roumain en Mathématiques Appliquées, Lyon.

24 June 2014 : One day workshop on "Stein's method and Malliavin's calculus on the Poisson space", Grenoble.

5 December 2013 : First Interdisciplinary Meeting on Life Sciences and Maths at Grenoble, Grenoble.

19-20 November 2013 : Workshop Copulas and Extremes, Grenoble.

21-25 October 2013 : School in Astrostatistics 2013, Annecy.

10-14 June 2013 : Sixth Modelling week, Grenoble.

11 October 2012 : First SIERRA Day, Grenoble.

26 September 2012 : Workshop on Extreme Value Analysis, Grenoble.