A.M.Lyapunov French - Russian Institute in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.
INRIA Moscow University

Project No. 4
Predictability of the atmospheric and oceanic circulations.

The text of the project can be found here: (postscript, 90kB)
in Russian or in French.

Conferences Reports
Third Conference.
Nancy, April, 9-11 1997.
Christmas 97 report of activities (1997)
Fourth Conference.
Moscow, September, 2-4 1998.
Easter report of activities
(July 1997 --- April 1998).
Christmas 98 report of activities
( April 1998 --- December 1998).

Final report of activities ( June 1997 --- June 1999).

New Stage of the Project: 1999.
Sensitivity of climatic models to small external perturbations
and adjoint equations.

Evolution of the proposal Reports
Proposal 1999 in Russian (koi8 encoding) and in French. Report of activities 2000 ( April 1999 --- April 2000).
Proposal 2000 in Russian (koi8 encoding) and in French. Report and Proposal 2002 in Russian (koi8 encoding) and in French.

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