Linux on Toshiba Satellite P20-S103

Update: 14 September 2004.

Toshiba support is helpful !


Main features

What needs a little work

The 1440x900 display works with this XF86 config and a 4620 nvidia driver.

What is not working (yet...)

The VGA output could not be activated. It's a bit tricky also because you need to turn the resolution to 1024x768 so that the external display supports the signal (Windoze does that dynamically all by itself). If anyone knows how to get such a laptop work properly with a 1024x768 beamer, do let me know...

I did not manage to find which of the /dev/sda's received my camera... Hotplug does detect it, but no /dev/* seem to be a 'valid block device'...

What I did not test (yet...)