It is very difficult to buy tickets in the last moment. So we have to count precisely and urgently the number of participants to the workwhop, who want to visit the Alhambra.
We have already bought in advance 55 tickets for thursday, the 27th, at 17h, and 25 tickets for wednesday, the 26th, at 17h30.
To book tickets, you have to send a mail to Francoise Jung, precising what date you are choosing.
The list of reserved tickets and the number of remaining tickets will be actualized below.
The cost for one ticket is 11 euros. The reserved tickets will be paid to Françoise Jung on place, in euros. (cheques will be accepted from the european people).

Remaining tickets for thursday : 2

Remaining tickets for wednesday : 1

List of reserved tickets for thursday
L. Brenig 2
C. Brezinski 1
J. Della Dora 3
J.P. Ramis 2
S. Watt 1
F. Jung 5
E. Tournier 1
C. Dicrescenzo 1
J. Thomann 2
J.G. Dumas 2
J.L. Roch 5
A. Hilali 3
C. Hespel 2
K. Krupchyk 1
M.L. Mazure 1
A. Tonnelier 2
C. Pernet 1
A. Urbanska 1
S. Ilie 1
L.F. Tabera 1
M. Moreno Maza 3
E. Smirnova 1
Y. Xie 1
M. Giesbrecht 3
G. Labahn 1
X. Dahan 1
F. Lemaire 1
D. Saunders 2
J.L. Colot 2

List of reserved tickets for wednesday
E. Asarin 1
F. Fauvet 4
G. Chen 1
F. Benmakrouha 2
R. Hildebrand 2
M. Foursov 1
A. Carbone 1
A. Rondepierre 1
L. Tournier 1
D. Jeffrey 2
P. Fortuny 1
P. Sénéchaud 1
J.M. Vincent 2
G. Diaz-Toca 1
H. Lombardi 1
J. Cano 1
A. Donze 1