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Neutron transport equation

In Mulhouse University I worked with Samir Akesbi on numerical schemes for the neutron transport equation. Thanks to a splitting of the transport operator compatible with characteristics lines, it was possible to design iterative algorithms in infinite dimension generalizing their finite dimensionnal counterparts: SSOR, Minimal residual methods, …

[1] Akesbi S. et Maitre E. Theoretical and numerical analysis of a minimal residual solver for 2D Boltzmann transport equation. J. Comput. Appl. Math., 150 (2), 357–374, 2003.
[2] Akesbi S. et Maitre E. Minimal residual method applied to the transport equation. Numer. Algorithms, 26 (3), 235–249, 2001.


Computational costs for sigma = 50 up to c = 0.999. Left: 1D. Right: 2D for several implementation of the resolution of the minimal residual method.
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