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BOMBEC : Benchmarking Of Models Based on Eulerian Coordinates

Bombec is a set of codes developed in Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory (LJK, U. Grenoble) and implementing the Eulerian approach to fluid-structure coupling problems. The sources can be downloaded by developers using svn on https://ljkforge.imag.fr/projects/bombec/. The main developers of these codes are Claire Bost, Georges-Henri Cottet, Emmanuel Maitre and Thomas Milcent. This Wiki aims at providing basic informations and usage guidelines about each tool included in the library. It is still under construction.

Acknowledgment: this project is supported by ANR COMMA.

Plume link: access to the Plume page of BOMBEC: French English

Library components

Elastic membrane interacting with a fluid

This set of codes implement the Level Set method developed in Cottet-Maitre (M3AS, 2006), and further developed in 3D by Thomas Milcent in his PhD thesis. Several codes are available:

  • Matlab Code: For educational purposes, we wrote two matlab codes implementing our method in 2D. One implicit with fixed time step and Choleski factorization an another explicit with variable time-step. Figure below on the left displays pressure field and stream lines during the relaxation of an ellitic membrane to a circle.
  • Membrane 2D: FORTRAN90 implementation of the level-set method in dimension 2, with membrane and curvature forces. Application to the simulation of the behavior of red blood cells in shear flow. Presently AMR techniques using AGRIF are under development.
  • Thomas 2D: C implementation of the same problem with different discretizations by Thomas Milcent.
  • Canal 2D (in progress): FORTRAN90 code for the motion of vesicles in Poiseuille flow. Pierre-Yves Gires presently develops this code in his PhD.
  • Instabilite 3D: Navier-Stokes 3D using projection method coupled with simple elastic energy of an immersed membrane (no curvature energy, C code). This code was developed to study the parametric instability of the coupling between the fluid and the elastic membrane starting from a work of Cortez et al (2002). See middle figure below, where an isovorticity surface is depicted (membrane not represented).
  • Thomas 3D: C implementation, in dimension 3, with membrane and flexural energy. Currently the code is able to find equilibrium shapes of vesicules in 3D, and to study trank-treading motion (picture on the right, below). The variable viscosity case is not yet implemented. Developer: Thomas Milcent.

Pressure plot of a relaxing elastic membrane. Matlab code. Tank treading motion of a 3D vesicle in shear flow. Thomas Milcent. Vorticity plot of a 3D membrane.

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