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I defended my PhD on 7th July, 2015 in Jean Kuntzmann laboratory at Grenoble University (France). This PhD was supervised by Georges-Henri Cottet and Iraj Mortazavi and dealt with the modelling of fluid-struture interactions and more precisely focuses on passive flow control past rear view mirrors using porous medium. I currently have a ATER position in DynFluid laboratory at ENSAM Paris (France).

    Research interests

    My research is in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Here is an outline of my main topics of interest with the related applications I used to handle :

    • Hybrid Vortex-penalization methods:
    • > Hybrid Vortex methods : these methods, used to solve the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, are part of the particle methods and are semi-Lagrangian.
    • > Remeshing technique : this approach is the keypoint of this hybrid method since it enables to redistribute the vortex particles on an underlying Eulerian grid, and thus to always control the distance between them.
    • > Penalization method : this immersed boundary method is used to take into account solid bodies in fluid-structure interactions. In particular, it offers a nice framework to model flows in complex media like solid-fluid-porous media.

    • Applications:
    • > Incompressible flow control using porous media
      • → 2D and 3D passive flow control past the rear-view mirrors of a ground vehicle, using porous coatings
    • > Global stability analysis
      • → Compared modal decomposition for flow past a solid bluff body (e.g. hemisphere) and a porous one.
    • > Optimization for aerodynamics
      • → Insect wing profile optimization using covariance matrix adaptation evolutionary strategy (CMA-ES)
    • > Fluid-structure interactions
      • → Incompressible flows past bluff bodies (sphere, Ahmed bodies, hemisphere)
        → Fluid mediated obstacles interactions : interactions between solid bodies induced by the vortical structures they form in the fluid.

      Vorticity field for incompressible flow past a 3D sphere at Re=300.

    Current position

  • ATER position in DynFluid Laboratory at ENSAM Paris, France.
    • Research work: Global linear stability analysis for flow past solid bluff bodies VS porous bluff bodies.
    • Supervision: Jean-Christophe Robinet.


  • > 2011-2015: Phd Thesis, Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France.
    • Thesis title: Conception and implementation of a hybrid vortex penalization method for fluid-solid-porous media : Application to the passive control of incompressible flows.
    • Supervision: Georges-Henri Cottet and Iraj Mortazavi.

  • > Jun. 2011: Master's degree in Engineering Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Section 'Computational Modelling and Environnement', Bordeaux University, France.
    • Master thesis titles: Fluid mediated obstacles interactions / Insect wing profile optimization using evolutionary strategy (realized at ETH Zurich, CSE lab, Switzerland).
    • Supervision: Petros Koumoutsakos and Mattia Gazzola (ETH Zurich, Switzerland).

  • > Jun. 2009: Bachelor's degree in Engineering Mathematics, Bordeaux University, France.