Point-based rendering of trees

Gilet Guillaume, Meyer Alexandre, Neyret Fabrice
In Galin E. et Poulin P. editors, Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena 2000. ACM/SIGGRAPH, Dublin, Irlande, août 2005. pages 67–72. A.K. Peters, 2005.
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The goal of this paper is the interactive and realistic rendering of 3D trees covering a landscape. The landscape is composed by instantiating one or more block of vegetation on the terrain. A block of vegetation is composed by a single or a compact group of trees. For these blocks of vegetation, we propose a new representation based on triangle+point primitives organized into a regular spatial structure (grid). This structure is defined onto easily adapt the level of details (LOD) of each subpart (cell) of the vegetation element. During the rendering process, we determine a global level of details for each block of vegetation. Then, we refine it for each cell according to the following heuristic: leaves or branches on the rear of tree or inside the forest are statistically less visible than front ones and then can be rendered coarsely. As a result, our method greatly decrease the number of rendered primitives by preserving realism. This allows rendering of large landscape in interactive time, for a camera far away until inside.

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