Real-Time Dynamic Wrinkles

Larboulette Caroline, Cani Marie-Paule
In Computer Graphics International 2004, CGI 2004. Crète, Grèce, juin 2004. pages 522–525. IEEE, 2004.
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This paper proposes a new method for designing dynamic wrinkles that appear and disappear according to the underlying deformation of tissues. The user positions and orients wrinkling tools on a mesh. During animation, geometric wrinkles are generated in real-time in the regions covered by the tools, mimicking resistance to compression of tissues. The wrinkling feature can be added to any existing animation. When the local resolution of the mesh is not sufficient, our tool refines it according to the wrinkles finest feature. As our results show, the technique can be applied to a variety of situations such as facial expression, joint or garment wrinkles.

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