Constriction Computation Using Surface Curvature

In Dingliana J. et Ganovelli F. editors, Eurographics Short Presentations. Eurographics, Trinity College, Dublin, Irlande, août 2005. pages 1–4. 2005.
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This paper provides a curvature-based algorithm to compute locally shortest geodesics on closed triangulated surfaces. These curves, which are called ``constrictions'', are useful for shape segmentation. The key idea of the algorithm is that constrictions are almost plane curves; it first finds well-located simple, plane, closed curves, and then slides them along the surface until a shortest geodesic is reached. An initial curve is defined as a connected component of the intersection between the surface and a plane going through an initial vertex. Initial vertices and planes are determined using approximations of surface curvature.

Keywords: geometry processing, surface, geodesic, curvature.

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