Length Constrained Multiresolution Deformation for Surface Wrinkling

In International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, SMI'06. Matsushima, Japon, juin 2006. pages 131–140. IEEE Computer Society Press, 2006.
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We present a method for deforming piescewise linear 3D curves on surfaces with constant length constraint. We show how this constraint can be integrated into a multiresolution editing tool allowing an intuitive control of the deformation's extent and aspect. The constraint is enforced following two steps. A first step consists in approximating the initial length by modifying the multiresolution decomposition at some specified scale. In a second step the constraint is axactly enforced by constrained minimization of a smoothness criterion. This process then provides the core of an integrated wrinkling tool for soft tissues modelling. A curve on the mesh is deformed, providing a deformation profile which is propagated in a user-defined neighbourhood.

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