Dynamic analysis of human walking

Faure François, Debunne Gilles, Cani Marie-Paule, Multon Franck
In Thalmann D. et Van De Panne M. editors, 8th Eurographics Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation. Budapest, Hongrie, septembre 1997. pages 53–66. 1997. Published under the name Marie-Paule Cani-Gascuel.
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Synthetising realistic animations of human figures should benefit from both a priori biomechanical knowledge on human motion and physically-based simulation techniques, eager to adapt motion to the specific environment in which it takes place. This paper performs a first step towards this goal, by computing and analyzing the internal actuator forces involved when the human figure performs specific walk motions. The computations rely on a robust simulator where forward and inverse dynamics are combined with automatic collision detection and response. The force curves we obtain give interesting information on the respective action of muscles in various styles of walks. Our further plans include parameterizing them and using them to control physically-based simulations of walk motions.

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