Interactive multiresolution animation of deformable models

Debunne Gilles, Desbrun Mathieu, Barr Alan H., Cani Marie-Paule
In Magnenat-Thalmann N. et Thalmann D. editors, Eurographics Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation'99. Milan, Italie, septembre 1999. Computer Science pages 133–144. Springer, 1999.
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This paper presents an approach to animate elastic deformable materials at interactive rates using space-time adaptive resolution. We propose a new computational model, based on the conventional Hooke's law, that uses a discrete approximation of derivative operators on irregular sample points. It allows local refinement or simplification of the computational model based on local error measurement. We in effect minimize calculations while ensuring a realistic and scale-independent behavior within a given accuracy threshold. We demonstrate this technique on a real-time virtual liver surgery application.

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