Simulating Landslides for Natural Disaster Prevention

Gascuel Jean-Dominique, Cani Marie-Paule, Desbrun Mathieu, Leroi Eric, Mirgon Carola
In Arnaldi B. et Hégron G. editors, 9th Eurographics Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation, EGCAS'98. Portugal, septembre 1998. pages 1–12. Springer, 1998.
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The simulation of landslide hazards is a key point in the prevention of natural disasters, since it enables to compute risk maps and helps to design protection works. We present a 3D simulator that handles both rock-falls and mud-flows. The terrain model is built from geological and vegetation maps, superimposed on a DEM. Since the exact elevation of the terrain is unknown at the rock's scale, the simulator uses a series of stochastic simulations, where low scale geometry is slightly randomized at each impact, to compute an envelop of risk areas. Computations are optimized using an implicit formulation of surfaces and a space-time adaptive algorithm for animating the particle system that represents the mud flow.

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