Adaptive Simulation of Soft Bodies in Real-Time

Debunne Gilles, Desbrun Mathieu, Cani Marie-Paule, Barr Alan H.
In Computer Animation 2000. Philadelphia, Etats-Unis, avril 2000. pages 133–144. 2000.
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This paper presents an adaptive technique to animate deformable bodies in real-time. In contrast to most previous work, we introduce a multi-resolution model that locally refines or simplifies the simulated object over time in order to optimize the computational effort. We use the mixed Finite-Volume/Finite-Element method to derive fast, local discrete differential operators over irregular grids with tight error bounds. The linear elasticity equations can be simulated using an arbitrary non-nested hierarchy of volumetric meshes, allowing the computation load to be automatically concentrated where and when needed. Real-time simulation, with a guaranteed frame rate, can be achieved as demonstrated through a series of examples on our video.

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