ZP+: correct Z-pass stencil shadows

Hornus Samuel, Hoberock Jared, Lefebvre Sylvain, Hart John C.
In ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, I3D. ACM, Washington, DC, Etats-Unis, avril 2005. pages 195–202. ACM Press, 2005.
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We present a novel algorithm for the rendering of hard shadows cast by a point light source. The well-known Z-pass method for rasterizing shadow volumes is not always correct. Our algorithm, which we call ZP+, elegantly corrects Z-pass defects. ZP+ takes advantage of triangle strips and fast culling capabilities of graphics hardware not available to conventional robust methods like Z-fail. While Z-fail can be up to 80% slower than Z-pass, our new method ZP+ is typically less than 10% slower than Z-pass. Finally, we give a comparison of the three methods. When a scene is geometry-bound, ZP+ is always faster than Z-fail. We also explain why, in some situations, Z-pass (hence ZP+) is surprisingly slower than Z-fail on more recent graphics hardware.

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