Multiresolution Analysis

Bonneau Georges-Pierre, Elber Gershon, Hahmann Stefanie, Sauvage Basile
In De Floriani L. et Spagnuolo M. editors Shape Analysis and Structuring. Mathematics+Visualization . Chapitre 3 pages 83–114. Springer, 2008. url .
Multiresolution analysis has received considerable attention in recent years by researchers in the fields of computer graphics, geometric modeling and visualization. They are now considered a powerful tool for efficiently representing functions at multiple levels-of-detail with many inherent advantages, including compression, Level-Of-Details (LOD) display, progressive transmission and LOD editing. This survey chapter attempts to provide an overview of the recent results on the topic of multiresolution, with special focus on the work of researchers who are participating in the AIM@SHAPE European Networks of Excellence (

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