Mesh repair with user-friendly topology control

Hétroy Franck, Rey Stéphanie, Andújar Carlos, Brunet Pere, Vinacua Àlvar
Comput.-Aided Des., 43 (1), 101–113, 2011.
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Limitations of current 3D acquisition technology often lead to polygonal meshes exhibiting a number of geometrical and topological defects which prevent them from widespread use. In this paper we present a new method for model repair which takes as input an arbitrary polygonal mesh and outputs a valid two-manifold triangle mesh. Unlike previous work, our method allows users to quickly identify areas with potential topological errors and to choose how to fix them in a user-friendly manner. Key steps of our algorithm include the conversion of the input model into a set of voxels, the use of morphological operators to allow the user to modify the topology of the discrete model, and the conversion of the corrected voxel set back into a two-manifold triangle mesh. Our experiments demonstrate that the proposed algorithm is suitable for repairing meshes of a large class of shapes.

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