Detail Preserving Deformation of B-spline Surfaces with volume constraint

Sauvage Basile, Hahmann Stefanie, Bonneau Georges-Pierre, Elber Gershon
Comput. Aided Geom. Des., 25 (8), 678–696, 2008.
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Geometric constraints have proved to be helpful for shape modeling. Moreover, they are efficient aids in controlling deformations and enhancing animation realism. The present paper addresses the deformation of B-spline surfaces while constraining the volume enclosed by the surface. Both uniform and non-uniform frameworks are considered. The use of level-of-detail (LoD) editing allows the preservation of fine details during coarse deformations of the shape. The key contribution of this paper is the computation of the volume with respect to the appropriate basis for LoD editing: the volume is expressed through all levels of resolution as a trilinear form and recursive formulas are developed to make the computation efficient. The volume constrained is maintained through a minimization process for which we develop closed solutions. Real-time deformations are reached thanks to sparse data structures and efficient algorithms.

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