Multiresolution Morphing for planar curves

Computing, 79 (2-4), 197–209, 2007. Special issue on Geometric Modeling (Dagstuhl 2005).
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We present a multiresolution morphing algorithm using "as-rigid-as-possible" shape interpolation combined with an angle-length basedmultiresolution decomposition of simple2Dpiecewise curves. This novel multiresolution representation is defined intrinsically and has the advantage that the details� orientation follows any deformation naturally. The multiresolution morphing algorithm consists of transforming separately the coarse and detail coefficients of the multiresolution decomposition. Thus all LoD (level of detail) applications like LoD display, compression, LoD editing etc. can be applied directly to all morphs without any extra computation. Furthermore, the algorithm can robustly morph between very large size polygons with many local details as illustrated in numerous figures. The intermediate morphs behave natural and least-distorting due to the particular intrinsic multiresolution representation.

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