Area preserving deformation of multiresolution curves

Comput. Aided Geom. Des., 22 (4), 349–367, 2005.
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We describe a method for multiresolution deformation of closed planar curves that keeps the enclosed area constant. We use a wavelet based multiresolution representation of the curves that are represented by a finite number of control points at each level of resolution. A deformation can then be applied to the curve by modifying one or more control points at any level of resolution. This process is generally known as multiresolution editing to which we add the constraint of constant area. The key contribution of this paper is the efficient computation of the area in the wavelet decomposition form: the area is expressed through all levels of resolution as a bilinear form of the coarse and detail coefficients, and recursive formulas are developed to compute the matrix of this bilinear form. A similar result is also given for the bending energy of the curve. The area constraint is maintained through an optimization process. These contributions allow a real time multiresolution deformation with area constraint of complex curves.

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