Interactive Animation of Cloth-like Objects in Virtual Reality

Meyer Mark, Debunne Gilles, Desbrun Mathieu, Barr Alan H.
J. Vis. Comput. Animat., 12 (1), 1–12, 2001. Special Issue: 3D Modeling and Animation of Clothes.
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Modeling and animation of cloth has experienced impor-tant developments in recent years. As a consequence, com-plex textile models can be used to realistically drape objects or human characters in a fairly efficient way. However, real-time realistic simulation remains a major challenge, even if applications are numerous, from rapid prototyping to e-commerce. In this paper, we present a stable, real-time algorithm for animating cloth-like materials. Using a hy-brid explicit/implicit algorithm, we perform fast and stable time integration of a physically-based model with rapid col-lision detection and response, as well as wind or liquid drag effects to enhance realism. We demonstrate our approach through a series of examples in VR environments, proving that real-time animation of cloth, even on low-end comput-ers, is now achievable.

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