Le The LJK laboratory is an Applied Mathematics and Computer Science laboratory created in January 2007 in Grenoble, France. A joint research unit of the UJF, the INPG, the UPMF, the CNRS and INRIA, it combines the forces of applied mathematicians and statisticians from the former laboratories LMC and LabSAD with graphics and computer vision experts from the former laboratory GRAVIR. Its expertise centres on the computational and statistical sciences and their uses in analysing natural phenomena, with applications ranging from environmental modelling through life sciences, nanosciences, visualisation and signal processing to mathematical finance.

The laboratory is structured into three scientific departments, each containing a number of research teams. Geometry & Images focuses on geometric modelling and image processing including graphics and computer vision. Deterministic Models & Algorithms develops tools for numerical and symbolic computation. Statistics gathers theoretical and applied statisticians and specialists in data analysis and signal processing. The name of the laboratory make reference to Jean Kuntzmann (1912-1992) who was a precusor in applied mathematics and informatics in Grenoble.

Georges-Henri Cottet
Directeur du Laboratoire