The new version of AGRIF is based on the source code modification thanks to the CONV program. The CONV used imply to treat all the source lines code. Consequently, there should be still some fortran fonctionalities that the CONV does not understand.

Current Features:

Converter program:

The converter program should now understand the major part of fortran instructions.

AGRIF Fortran routines:

Everything should work fine, no known bugs.


The following restrictions exist for the current version of AGRIF

Converter program:

The converter program can not treat variables defined in structures. For example :

TYPE point
integer :: nx
integer :: ny
integer :: nz
END TYPE point

The TYPE point can not be handle by the converter program.

The converter program can not understand very old instruction, as ENTRY.


The MPI parallelization of the restoration is still to be done. Parallelization will only work with fixed grid refinement.

Future developments:

Parallelization of the restoration subroutines (module modcluster.F)

provides flux correction subroutines.